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Solar Green Roofs

First Solar Garden Roof 1992


First Solar Green Roof in the World

Mercedes-Benz Group AG maintains around 8-10 Million square feet of Green Roofs on their manufacturing facilities across Germany.
It was an honor for Jörg Breuning being the first who installed an extensive Green Roof under a mirror tracking PV system at their V6/V8 engine factory in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim (Picture taken 2022).

Solid first biosolar


Solid Sun Power - without Roof Penetration

On every project in Germany engineers and architects are ambitious to reduce roof penetrations and so the risks of leaks. The first Solar Garden Roofs were mounted on precast concrete blocks that are sitting on seamless drainage layer. Picture taken in 2018. 

Agrisolar on roofs


Translucent Solar the First on a Green Roof

Approximately 50% of all school buildings in Stuttgart, Germany have Green Roofs. Retrofitting these Green Roofs with Solar has been challenging because of shading, resulting into damages of the vegetation. 
Extensive tests with translucent PV modules showed excellent results. However at this time (30 years ago) such technology was also expensive.
Covering less area with PV modules in landscape orientation were more successful.

solargarden selfie


The First Selfie on a Solar Garden Roof

Still no digital cameras or cameras in cellphone in 1995 but already Solar Garden Roofs. In the nineties Germany was leading with rooftop Solar and still leading today with new Installation of Green Roofs and Solar Garden Roofs.
In 2021 Germany installed around 4 square miles of new Green Roofs where 15%-20% were Solar Garden Roofs. World Record!

Hotel solar green roof


Ecofriendly Hotel

Green Roofs have long caught up as a valuable asset on Hotels in Germany because the free additional green space. In this case they added also one of the first Micro Windmills - certainly the first in the world on hotel.

NYC and Solar


The First in North America

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PV made in USA


Klima Roof

Artesian Stormwater Management on Structures and first Open Source Green Roof, Solar, and Solar Blue Green Roof System in North America.
Made in USA and resilience paired with sustainability.
A system engineered for the plants and installation professionals increasing payback for building owners.

Klima Roof Solar


Monolithic Platform

The first and the most advanced multifunctional green infrastructure system in the world. An intelligent assembly package that allows engineers and installers to tailor a vast variety of roof top solutions for every roof or any design intent with only a few components. The system is also available in No-Plastic options, making this Solar Green Roof Sytems the only in the world!

First Micro Windmill


Harvesting The Wind

The flexibility of a platform-based non-roof penetrating Green, Blue, Yellow/Solar system goes far beyond one's imagination. It starts by protecting the roofing while under construction because it the first load carrying and load distribution system for all roof amenities. The system eliminates roof penetrations for the installations of railings, HVAC, roof decks, anchors, planters, solar panels, micro windmills, sculptures, screens and more.

Solar Garden Roof Tracking


Ready for 2024

For our Green Roof installers and for our Solar installers that are open for innovations, Jorg Breuning is working hard in ultramodern PV tracking systems. These systems further increase the efficiency of PV, reduce wind loads, and makes maintenance like a walk in the park.      


One Roof

Tripple Payback.

North America's first and finest Green Roof ballasted Solar System with the most innovations and flexibility.
Compatible with all roofing systems on the market and meets all different city, State or country requirements.

Green Roof Benefits

Green Roofs expand roof life by protecting the water proofing, they can reduce air conditioning costs, reduce winter heating costs, transform dead space into natural habitat, reduce city heat island effect, improve air quality, garden space, prevent combined sewer overflow by reducing annual runoff between 55-90%, and neutralize acid rain effect.

Photovoltaic Benefits

Solar power systems, Photovoltaic Systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on buildings help combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. PV reduces transportation of energy through power lines, and Solar panels on a roof reduce clear cuts of forests to install PV on the ground.

Power Compatibly Benefits

Obviously PV panels over lush vegetation reduce the operational temperature of PV modules.  Reduction of installation and maintenance costs, combining of national, state, or local incentives programs, PV panels stay cooler and produce consistent and up to 15% more output.

Commercial Solar Green Roof


Solar Flower for sale

Tracking Innovation only here!


Ecofriendly Hotel

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Smaller residential Solar Green Roofs can payback in 7-9 years and depending on cost of electricity and other Green Roof or Solar incentives. Commercial properties, coops and condos have seen paybacks of 3-6 years. The payback also depends on the maintenance of Green Roof and Solar modules - the better maintained the quicker a payback.

Yes, and honestly, it depends on different factors: structural load of the roof, type of existing Green Roof, type of Green Roof system, roof warranty, technical equipment on roof and much more. In any case it worth to explore this option because also there PV will reduce your electricity bill.

Yes, in most communities or cites there so-called Net Metering programs, where building owners with rooftop solar arrays can transfer electricity into the grid. Mostly this exchange of electricity provides credits on utility bills. However, often these electricity rates are rather low and the use of self-produced electricity on the property is much more beneficial. 

Solar Garden Roofs whether with thermal Solar or PV Solar reduce the use of fossil energy sources and so the environmental footprint of your structure and lifestyle will be lowered. Ideally combine Solar Graden Roofs with modern Micro Windmills for a more even and consistent electricity supply.

Solar panels require regular but little maintenance that includes periodic cleaning and wire inspections. We developed spec sheets for the Green Roof maintenance also to maintain the PV at the same time. PV modules come with a 25 years warranty and these are also remotely monitored.

Solar Green Roof Jörg

Healthy, thriving plants with biodiversity and happy, environmentally engaged building owners are the rewards in my professional Green Roof and Solar Garden Roof career over the last 43 years. 

It is save to say that only a handful people in the world have an equivalent experience. Because my experience is based on the highest level in German professional education combined with consistent practical involvement, there is no need for representing a specific system or "bending" the truth with fancy wording, trendy phrases or misleading arguments.

Building owners, architects, landscape architects, general contractors, engineers, roofing contractors, developers, waterproofing manufacturers profit from the genuine knowledge that ensures sustainable and resilient vegetation for as long as the structure below will last.
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